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26/1/13 Stainby

It was a snowy day but very bright so a journey to Stainby seemed like a good idea and it turned out to be one, called in to see if the recent Waxwing sighting locations were giving up anything but sadly not today ;( So onto Stainby it was …

I safely managed the snow roads and parked up on the southern side of the tip and waited for the Red Kites, of which there was 8 today, to come a little closer, eventually one or two obliged, some images below including my first one with 2 RK’s in one pic, nice! 🙂
StainbyRK26113 StainbyRK26113c StainbyRK26113f
Occasionally there would be a loud bang and all the scavenging birds would take to the sky and for a few moments the sky was full of small finches, Starlings, Corvids, hundreds of various Gulls and of course the Red Kites, a cropped image of the full sky at this time shown below, Gulls made out in these images, Common, Black Headed, Herring. Great Black Backed, please correct me if worng or missed any as am no where near being a Gull aficionado!
I moved around to the opposite side of the tip seeing a few distant now perched Red Kites, as soon as the car got any where near off they went. In a field opposite where the sheep are and next to the one where the dead deer is located I saw feeding groups of Red Legged & Grey Partridge, half a dozen Sky Larks and a lone Fieldfare, a few shots from these distant birds below …
StainbyFfare26113 StainbyGyPart26113 StainbySkylark26113
I then moved onto Easthorpe near Bottesford, in Leicestershire to a site I know where there is a feeding station and you are guarranteed good views of Yellowhammer, Tree Sparrow, Dunnock, Reed Bunting, Great & Blue Tits, Blackbirds, Wren, Chaffinch, Robin and sometimes Bullfinches can be seen, no Bullies this time but a Jay was seen if only fleetingly, images of these ‘out of county’ birds will eventually appear on my website, www.stevenesbitt.co.uk.

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