Marston STW 27/1/13

Wow where’s all the snow gone?

I decided to call into Marston this morning not expecting to see much with the high winds and all. I was not too wrong, there was little in the air and what was, the odd Crow and Fieldfare, was being swept away by the wind.

The view from hide gave up around 10 pairs of Mallard, 2 pairs of Wigeon, a pair of Teal, a lone Shelduck and the odd Coot and Moorhen and that was it, I had a walk up and down Viking way looking for the Lesser Redpolls and Bullfinch that Graham W had told me had seen but I did not see these until making my way to the car to go home.

The Redpolls were high in the tall tree just down towards the hide lane from the car park and I did get to see 4 or 5 Bullfinches that I saw on the hedgerow on main road into Marston village, I walked down the road following them as they fed and flew on, fed and flew on! I did get as close as I was going to got off a couple fo shots and the birds seemed settled in this location feeding on seeds or buds, I am not sure which? But all of a sudden a car came down the road heading into Marston and off the birds flew high in the sky and taken away by the previously mentioned high winds.

2 images one each of male and female are below … great birds ain’t they?
MSWBully27113b MSWBully27113c

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