Casps and Glauc.

Casps and Glauc.

Finally got to see ‘Stumpy’,the famous caspian gull that has wandered around Lincolnshire rubbish tips for more than a decade.He has half a leg missing,but is clearly a survivor,looking very healthy otherwise.I went to Gainsborough landfill and met up with expert guller Dean Nicholson,who put me right on some of the best ways of picking out caspian gull.It wasn’t long before Dean found ‘Stumpy’,he posed very well for us and later I managed to re-find him myself.Next up Dean spotted a first winter caspian,another very smart bird,later still a second winter bird.Wow,three rare gulls so far and a bit of gull knowledge was sinking in.It got better still as half way through the afternoon we located the first winter Glaucus gull that Dean had found the previous day,a beautiful creature.Great day,pics to follow.

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