Oh snow it’s Waxwings again!

Due to the impending bad weather my work trip to Derbyshire was cancelled and so after some work at home a quick visit in town to do an errand was also linked in with a call in to see if the Waxwings were still hanging around the Aldi / Dunelm car parks.

In short yes they were there, as I pulled into the side road leading to both I immediately saw the group of 10 birds in a tree on the Aldi side of the road.

5 of the 10 Waxwings
5 of the 10 Waxwings above

I got set up after parking in the Dunelm car park close to the feeding birds and began to snap away as the birds came down to the low hedgerows for the berries bordering the Dunelm car park, after a while a call from a car came my way I looked to my left and saw a familiar face, it was Lilley, Dave Roberts lovely dog, then I saw Dave too of course, Lilley is clever but can’t drive yet! 😉

We had a catch up and saw the birds move from the tall trees bordering South Parade to the shorter ones near the car parks and then move onto the really low hedgerows both bordering and inside the Dunelm car park, at one stage they found a hedge in the middle of the car park right next to a parked vehicle with a gentleman inside it looking in awe at what he was seeing he had a tremendously close view of a handful of the birds and tried ot take a photo with his mobile phone but they flew off before he could get one I think, at least this does not happen just to me then! 🙂

I also noticed a small reddish lump on the passenger side window of my car and it turned out to be a little parcel from one of the Waxwings, perhaps showing their discontent with me trying to photograph them 🙂 I did manage to get a few shots of the birds and these can be seen below.
GraWaxwi18113 GraWaxwi18113c GraWaxwi18113d GraWaxwi18113l
These birds are so confident around us humans and  and to me very irrestiable (and others I am sure) once I know some are in reach it is had not to go over and watch them and take a pic or two.

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