16th jan 2013

16th jan 2013

A visit to the local patch at Marston stw this morning revealed not a lot.When I left Grantham it was bathed in glorious sunshine,though it was minus 6 degrees.Approaching Marston it was a different story altogether-freezing fog ! As I was getting togged up for the cold Trev Lee pulled up,he was on his way to a job at Branston.We both knew I wouldn’t see much and so it proved,but it was nice to hear cetti’s and water rails shattering the silence.Canada geese,mistle thrush and skylark were added to my Marston year list which stands at 56 species,approx.half of what I can expect for the whole year.

Had to go to Gablestock at Long Benington for a sack of garden bird food (just over 9 quid for 56lb bag-good value) you wouldn’t believe how much we get through,but the garden is always full of birds so it’s worth it.

Then nipped to nearby Cottam tip where Alex Lees had recently found a glaucus gull, I couldn’t find it.Sewage works followed by rubbish tip,it was time for something else so I ended up at Belton.It was freezing mist here,too.A buzzard was doing a great job of fending off two other buzzards,a red kite and some corvids from something dead that it was tucking into.Didn’t see or hear any ravens today.Flushed a woodcock from the edge of a stream and enjoyed watching treecreepers,goldcrests and nuthatches.

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