Waxwings 0 – 1 Fog

Decided to go up to Halls Hill this afternoon after checking out on the latest Waxwing sighting seeing as it had brightened up considerably at my home from 12noonish. When driving up to Aldi to see if the Waxwings were there I could see that the fog was going to be an issue when finally on the hill, bugger!

The Waxwings were not to be seen at just before 2pm so onto Halls Hill it was. I parked at the top of Cold Harbour Lane for the first time and when I was getting ready I had a chat with a couple of birders that were returning to their car and they confirmed that the fog was going to be a photographic issue 😦

I made my way up to the first bend in the path with Halls Hill in view and I chose to park up my tripod and camera combo here and wait. Once I had got set up the chap who lives in the house in the corner of Halls Hill stopped for a chat asking me what I was hoping to see, he then told me that he had seen a Barn Owl successfully get some prey from his back garden the other night and when I asked him what was the last time he had seen a Short Eared Owl about he replied a week ago, so it seems it is around somewhere?

The next 70 minutes saw the fog clear then get worse in regular banks of fog then clear air, there was a good number of dog walkers about even in these gloomy conditions then the dulcit tones of a motorbike filled the hill with its drone, this was the time to leave and come home as the light was fading too, so no sightings of any Owls, next time eh?

Earlier on in the morning yet again in my garden were 4 Lesser Redpolls mixed in with the regular Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Chaffinches, Blue and Great Tits and even a couple of sortes from a lone Coal Tit were witnessed too. I tried to get a shot or two of the Redpolls on natural perches rather than at the feeders but they were too quick for me but still great to see them call in again 🙂 A shot of one of this mornings Redpolls is below …

No apologies for posting more images of these delightful garden visitors.
No apologies for posting more images of these delightful garden visitors.

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