Murcky Marston 6/1/13

Murcky Marston 6/1/13

When I got up this morning I was hoping that there would be a little good light for a couple of hours to visit Marston STW, well there was and so after brekkie off I went as Karen, my better half, prepared the sunday dinner šŸ™‚

I saw a few Fieldfares kicking around the smallĀ  picnic area near the hump backed bridge on Station Road over the River Witham in Barkston, as I progressed to the site it became more and more gloomy and foggy. Anyway I parked up and got ready and made my way down the track to the hide and a dog walker was walking the opposite way and they spooked a group of 6 Bullfinches (possibly 3 pairs) that then flew directly over me and into the field opposite the car park, bugger if I was only a few minutes earlier I may have got a shot or two of them, never mind!

A Robin (first of aboutĀ 6 seen during the visit)Ā was singing his head off in one of the large trees on the track from the car park.
MSWRob6113A Great Spotted Woodpecker was seen on the ground on the small track leading to the hide and it soon shot off once it saw me! The hide scrap was quiet with Mallard, Teal, Gadwall, Coot being all that was on the water with the feeding station having the usual finch visitors to it.

IĀ moved onto Viking Way with the aim of spending a good amount of time trying to see the Cettis Warbler, as soon as I got near to the wooden gate I heard it song loud and proud. I set up and begun the wait will I get to see it today and will I maybe get a photo of it? Well I got to hit one of the two targets with the bird being seen twice maybe three times with one of the occasions being when the bird landed for about 2 seconds on the shrub next to the niger feeder in this area, it belted out a few notes and off it went, all to quick for me to get my hand to the camera let alone anything else! šŸ˜¦

The Cettis was singing intermittently but was seen no more, Graham who feed the birds came up for a chat as did another couple of birders but they came and went I gave it a few minutes more then gave up the hunt.

In the period I looking for the Warbler there was some ariel action in the form of some active largish groups of Teal and Wigeon from the back pool close to Mill Lane, 13 Fieldfare also flew over. Also some Mute Swans flew around for a little time, I took some images in the gloom to see if there was a Whooper amoung them but no they were all Mutes, a couple of images below …
MSWSwan6113 MSWSwan6113b MSWSwan6113c
I finally decided to go home and upon arrival my wife said the Redpolls are back so quickly the camera was on its tripod in the garden just behind my shed, the 2 birds went back into the Copper Birch at the bottom of my garden and after a couple of minutes they returnedĀ individually to feed on the Niger again, it was great to see them back as we had not seen them for a couple of days. The pair can be seen in the image below…

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