Kirkby 2nd Jan 2013

Kirkby 2nd Jan 2013

Arrived soon after first light and waited for my target bird,Bittern.Waited and waited and waited.Got bored,wandered off looking at other stuff.Yer,you know how this story goes.Got back to hide much later.Bittern had been showing really well right in front of hide.Damn.A few in the hide now,including Garry Wright and Trevor Gunby who found the bird yesterday,they’d all had good views.Went and got my flask and lunchbox,at last I saw off the remaining manky cooked meats and stale mince pies from Christmas.Hey,I went even further with sloe gin in my hip flask.Waited some more and eventualy got my reward when I spotted the reeds moving on the far bank.Everyone had gone now and I’d got the bird to myself.Not awesome views but pretty good through the scope.He was quite careless for a Bittern,crashing around a bit in the reeds Watched him moving about at the stems.Nice moments,worth the wait.I then saw a flock of siskins in the alders,150 strong,with a few redpolls amongst them.Logged 51 species today.

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