Suffolk snowball twitch.

Suffolk twitch-Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll. This stunning rarity was found at the weekend and I was able to get over yesterday.Very rare,infact only the second mainland record,I believe.Most records come from the Shetlands.Regular readers may recall my frustration at dipping out on one that gave us the run around all week,during my holiday to the islands back in Oct,so it was with double satisfaction that I connected with this bird. It gave itself up to birders and photographers,approachable to just a couple of metres,totally unconcerned with all the attention,it just carried on stuffing it’s beak with seeds. Above pic shows the … Continue reading Suffolk snowball twitch.


Carrying on from Dave’s previous post on our day out, delayed due to not having time to sort images out, work eh??? Yep it was a glorious day with plenty of blue sky and sun light albeit cold. There were not too many photographic opportunities really but 5 images can be seen below …  shame I did not catch the Chiffchaff that would have been nice now wouldn’t it? One of the 4 species of Gull we saw above a Common Gull, this one came over us while at Sandilands late on. Carrion Crow on the beach at Huttoft car terrace in … Continue reading LINCS COAST SAT 8TH DEC 2012 – pt 2

Lincs. coast 8th dec 2012

LINCS COAST SAT 8TH DEC 2012 It was a glorious day,weather-wise at the coast with very little wind and lots of sunshine.Nezzy had managed to squeeze me into his hectic Christmas party schedule.It wasn’t exactly a bird fest but we enjoyed it.We were togged up like michelin men but it wasn’t so cold today,we were soon shedding layers.Huttoft was the first stoppoff.Red throated divers were the main feature of seawatching,we saw 20 odd,mostly north with odd ones south and on the sea.A female common scoter and a couple of juv. gannets were fairly close. Having deposited alot of the sand from … Continue reading Lincs. coast 8th dec 2012

Grantham Waxwings – 7/12/12 pm

Was working very early in the morning today and so had late afternoon free, went to a couple of local spots I know you can watch from your car but all quite and headed home, was just coming down A52 leaving roundabout at Asda to see a flash of a group of birds flying in the late sun. My curiosity was raised enough for me to park up opposite Premier Court and walk over with my trusty camera. I was not let down and I saw high in a tree in Asda grounds 18 Waxwings, great they are still hanging … Continue reading Grantham Waxwings – 7/12/12 pm

Bit of a hangover!

Yep I admit it I planned to go out with Dave and had to ‘cry off’ as he correctly put after attending the very social and free flowing beer fest that was my 1st christmas function of the season the night before, I suppose the 9 or 10 pints enbibed were not a good idea, NO! clearly it was not a good idea Steve, anyway move on. I got out into the sun finally at 11am (instead of 8am) and decided to call into see the Waxwings of Marston with the hope of a few shots with the sun highlighting all … Continue reading Bit of a hangover!

Cut End 2nd dec 2012

Cut End 2nd dec 2012 Nezzy had planned on coming with me today but cried off due to bit of a sesh the night before.10 pints was mentioned,Blimey I’d be dead. Thought I would have a bit of a break from the local waxwings,but guess what were the first birds I came across?…yep. 6 waxwings were feeding along the witham bank,later 4 were near the hide,later still 5 were in the car park.Don’t know if they were the same birds just roving about a bit.Anyway they settled in at the car park and accepted me,allowing me my most intimate waxwing … Continue reading Cut End 2nd dec 2012