Carrying on from Dave’s previous post on our day out, delayed due to not having time to sort images out, work eh??? Yep it was a glorious day with plenty of blue sky and sun light albeit cold. There were not too many photographic opportunities really but 5 images can be seen below …  shame I did not catch the Chiffchaff that would have been nice now wouldn’t it?EastCoaComGull81212
One of the 4 species of Gull we saw above a Common Gull, this one came over us while at Sandilands late on.EastCoaCrow81212
Carrion Crow on the beach at Huttoft car terrace in the fading low light.EastCoaSander81212c
The Sanderlings, although only a few about helped me out with posing a bit for my camera so a shot or two to keep me happy, best shot of the day above, lovely bird these aren’t they?EastCoaTurnst81212
A couple of flighty Turnstones were seen also, above 1 of the fast moving birds can be seen before it flew of northwards.HuttoftHooper81212
I saw 2 new images for me on the day, Common Scoter (no pics of it though) and the Whopper Swans Dave mentions, the above image is from distance but a record shot is a record shot, these buggers did not like putting their heads to high though did they Dave?

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