Grantham Waxwings – 7/12/12 pm

Was working very early in the morning today and so had late afternoon free, went to a couple of local spots I know you can watch from your car but all quite and headed home, was just coming down A52 leaving roundabout at Asda to see a flash of a group of birds flying in the late sun.

My curiosity was raised enough for me to park up opposite Premier Court and walk over with my trusty camera. I was not let down and I saw high in a tree in Asda grounds 18 Waxwings, great they are still hanging around 🙂 the birds were feeding occasionally on the small shrubs close to the car park ticket machines. So you were able to get within 6 feet but sadly these were by then in the shade and thus no good to try to get images 😦

Just took a few shots of the birds, around 18, possibly more when they had the sun on them perched in high treetops. One of those images below, maybe a trip early on in the morning with better sunlight is next on the agenda eh?

11 of the 18 I counted today.

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