Gonerby Moor Waxwings

Gonerby Moor Waxwings  Had a good scout round Grantham and its environs this morning for Waxwings, I checked in on the Marston birds, and had 6 by the car park, moving back toward Grantham I had a single bird fly over the car from the turkey farm at Gonerby Moor, so I expected to find some in the Downtown area, which is absolutely full of berries ! Had a mooch round the car parks for a while but not a single bird ! I then located 9 in a tree at the side of the lorry park at the services, … Continue reading Gonerby Moor Waxwings

Fri 16th nov 2012

Fri 16th Nov 2012 Called at Marston stw fairly early to find half a dozen waxwings still around the car park.Once again car parking spaces were at a premium.I would have staked my house on waxwing fan Freddy Johnson turning up,and he duly arrived mid morning.Nice to see the lad again. About 11am the birds flew away and met up with 3 others.The 9 of them went in the Grantham direction,just as the flock had done yesterday before some reappeared,so maybe they’ll be back later. The waxwing sighting brought my site list up to 136 species (comm.2005) Continue reading Fri 16th nov 2012

Patch magic.

Patch Magic. On a cracking morning,weather-wise I called in to have a look at Marston STW,and jammed in on a flock of Waxwings,right in the car park.WOW !, I was expecting to see some sooner or later but this was the last place I expected to see them.There were around 22 birds in total.I texted various members of the Marston Mafia,some of whom were soon on site along with David Morison and Keith Bowden,who were already there,bird ringing.They saw the birds then the flock flew off. Typical, with one or two birders arriving they’d flown.Were they just pausing here for a … Continue reading Patch magic.

Waxwings @ Marston STW – A first?

Waxwings @ Marston STW – A first? Got a text from Dave R about the Waxwings at Marston in the morning while out at work in Corby today but as I had to go out for some fuel and it was still light with some sun I decided to drive out to see if they were still there. Short answer is yep 6 were kicking around the car park area and I managed to get a few shots of what are I think a first for Marston according to Dave, great stuff 🙂 Here are a few images I got from … Continue reading Waxwings @ Marston STW – A first?

Sat 10th Nov 2012

Autumn birding. Saw the goosanders at Culverthorpe Lakes,3 drakes,6 females.Great birds but very wary,swimming away to the far bank all the time. Got to Cut End,Boston around midday.It was a lovely,peaceful,tranquil atmosphere with no wind which is a rarity here.At the approach cottages were the biggest gathering of Collared doves I’ve ever seen.I counted 66 huddled together on wires before postman Pat came along and dispersed them.I reckon there were more than that. At the mouth the tide was coming in nicely.6 Scaup were not too far out and a couple of hours later they were joined by a 7th bird,which flew in … Continue reading Sat 10th Nov 2012


Nothing extra-ordinary,but the place is heaving with winter wildfowl now.50 pinkfeet on the wet grassland,40 ruff,scores of wigeon,lapwings,golden plovers and brents etc. Walked to the Witham mouth,the dog and me got caked in mud.Not much birdlife apart from a flock of about 600 oycs.A green woodpecker looked out of place,right at the mouth.4 skylarks flew in off the sea and dropped down onto the mud bank for a rest. Lookout for waxwings anywhere,hopfully we’ll get plenty this winter,they’re pouring into the Northern Isles and elsewhere.Looks like it might be another good year like two years ago,hope we get ’em in Grantham … Continue reading Frampton


I had an hour between a couple of medical appointments this afternoon so I went to the end of my street to see if I could get a pic or two of the Goldcrests that are living in Green Lane while the sun was blazing 🙂 Saw 2 Goldcrests but no photos sadly this time but I did get a surprise when I heard a Jay calling, I looked up and caught a glimpse of 1 bird heading up green Lane, 10 minutes worth of looking at the tall trees in the lane at the back of Melbourne Road lead … Continue reading Jays

4th nov 2012

Daveys on the road again…. Zipped up to the northeast to get an eyefull of the European Bee Eater at Seaburn,Durham.I find myself going to this area more and more,it’s easy to get to-A1/A19-and a good birding location. I had to ask myself,what the hell was a bee eater doing in the middle of a housing estate on the outskirts of Sunderland in November? It was only just above freezing all day. (Sunday).Well,it was catching bees ! Birds seem to make the most of their available resources and this one had settled where there was a few wasps about.Saw it take a huge … Continue reading 4th nov 2012

Nov 2nd ~ Gib Point & Chapel St Leonards

Had a good day out around the Skegness coastline albeit cold and windy 😦 Did not see that much really especially to photograph but did notch up another new species, a couple of Goldeneye flew over us while we were on the beach doing a sea … watch. Other birds seen from my memory, Little Grebe, Cormorant, Red Throated Diver, various Gulls (all the usual suspects), loads of Blackbirds (no Ring Ouzels), Robins, Goldeneye, Curlew, Mallard, Shoveller, Teal, Coot Moorhen, Snipe, Sanderling, many of the Corvid family, Skylark, Wood Pigeon, Golden Plover, distant skeins of Geese, Tits etc. Continue reading Nov 2nd ~ Gib Point & Chapel St Leonards