Waxwing lyrical again!

Bit windy today but the sun was out so texted Dave R for info on local birding happenings, if anyone is going to know it is good old (not too old obviously!!) Dave.

Waxwings at Premier Court in town in the morning, so ok off to see what was still around, called into this location first, saw only one very static but happy, fit looking bird pretty low in a tree close to Rowan just in Premier Court off Brownlow St, got a couple of shots but it was pretty well tucked into the branches.

Then had a walk around New St and onto Manners St but saw no birds but in Manners St a likely looking tree laden with berries may well be the Waxwing’s next target in this area – note to self, keep checking this place! – I then made my way back to the Premier Court area.

I spoke with a couple of people to check it was not an issue being in there with my camera, both said no problem, phew thanks! At this time the lone Waxwing, still on the same perch had got 2 more colleagues high in a tree on Broad St, they occasionally made sorte’s into the court for feed but did not stay for long, the first shot below is the ‘static’ bird with the second being of one of the 2 birds that flew in later.

Moved to look around Marston and saw 2 Waxwing close to village end of Hougham Mill Lane, then I moved onto the car park again and met up with a couple Carol & Pete from Castle Bytham and we eventually found the large group of birds, c50, just after the Old Barn Hotel on Tollbar Road. Did not get anything of note photgraph wise today from this place as the light was fading and we were watching the birds with sun coming from wrong direction anyway.

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