Thurs 22nd nov 2012

Thurs 22nd nov 2012

A five mile walk filled the morning,the Burton Pedwardine/Scredington area being the location.It was very pleasing to see that most of the fields in this area had not been ploughed and stubble remained.I thought it must be a very green-minded farmer,but then came across a tractor trashing the hedges down to a few feet.Why? I don’t get it.

Quite a few farmland birds were noted,including yellowhammers,a good twenty tree sparrows and a couple of corn buntings.Loads of fieldfares and redwings were feasting on hawthorn berries.Bird of the day was a peregrine that sent crows and pigeons berserk over a small wood,then hung in the air right overhead,nice.

On the way back we picked some sloes,to make sloe gin with.Man, that stuff’s pure rocket fuel.Should have brought me hip flask with me on a day like this.Let me know if you need the recipe,it couldn’t be simpler.

This afternoon I checked the local waxwing sites,there were none I could find in Grantham,but at Marston 30 were still in the car park area,soon they were joined by a second flock and there were now about 70,the most so far.It was a nightmare trying to get an accurate count,what with the main tree (and birds) swaying in the near gale force wind and small groups peeling off to feed in the hedgerow and to drink in the ploughed field.A Notts. birder and myself both had counts of 68 in the tree but I suspect a few were missed .Soon the flock dispersed,most flying south again,as they have been doing previously.A few remained.The numbers have been climbing steadily.Three figures by the weekend? Who knows? Tons of berries still.

Had a stroll down the track,absolutely zilch down here apart from….2 waxwings flew low,right over the reedbed.

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