MSTW Waxwings – getting bored yet?

Got to MSTW early this morning for a little time, great once again to meet up with the usual Marston suspects Dave & David plus a nice new gent to me, Stuart from Nottingham. It was a dull, cold and somewhat windy morning but managed to get a few shots of new behaviour to me, ‘berry passing’ & drinking from puddles, don’t forget I am relatively new to this and so not seen this type of Waxwing action before, have you?

Below a selection of images from this morning, got some very pleasing ‘in flight’ with birds approaching berries and drinking along with a ‘berry passing’ moment.

Think them there berries are making it a bit dry!
To me! – To you!

Save the best for last! (In my opinion)

I am pretty sure these will not be the last Waxwings pics we see here, hope they are not anyway 🙂

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