Another dose of waxwing joy.

Couldn’t resist another session at Marston for the waxwings this morning.Well you can’t have too much of a good thing can you?32 birds were present and they were giving the best performance I’ve ever witnessed.Some very interesting observations were noted.Birds were coming down to drink and bathe in fresh puddles just metres away.David M and Steve N were snapping away-hopefully they will upload some pics.later.

Another nice view was waxwings passing berries,beak to beak,really cute.The fieldfare and the grey wagtail that have been tagging along with the flock for the last few days were still there,strange behavior,they just seem to want to be in the waxwing club.I can understand the fieldfare,but the wag.constantly flying up to the tree to join them??

Loads of birders have visited over the last few days and Boston birder Phil Hyde spotted a ringtail hen harrier yesterday over the fields,a fantastic bird for Marston and one I still need.There is also a report in the book from a couple of weeks ago of a male,so heres hoping.

A  superb adult great black-backed gull was on a field just outside the village,tucking into some carrion and being harassed by crows.

I then drove to nearby Kilvington/Cotham,(just in Notts.),where a juv. Glaucus gull had been reported,but I couldn’t locate it.

Driving through Bottesford (now I’m in Leics.),what should fly across the road but a waxwing ! Must be my lucky bird at the mo.Had a good look round the area it flew to but couldn’t find it or any others.I didn’t feel comfortable staring in people’s gardens,so left it.

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