Patch magic.

Patch Magic.

On a cracking morning,weather-wise I called in to have a look at Marston STW,and jammed in on a flock of Waxwings,right in the car park.WOW !, I was expecting to see some sooner or later but this was the last place I expected to see them.There were around 22 birds in total.I texted various members of the Marston Mafia,some of whom were soon on site along with David Morison and Keith Bowden,who were already there,bird ringing.They saw the birds then the flock flew off.

Typical, with one or two birders arriving they’d flown.Were they just pausing here for a rest?.Just then a lady dog walker I know came along and told us they were there yesterday,’a flock of birds with crests’,but she didn’t know what they were.This was good news,they must be hanging around.A lengthy wait ensued before a couple re-appeared down the road fly-catching, then a few more.6 birds were still there when I left.Hopefully they’ll stay for a while.

David informed me that the Drake Mandarin was on the scrape.Great,I reckon I’m the only one that hadn’t seen it.It wasn’t hiding today,though.Several water rails and Cetti’s were calling and a few lesser redpolls added interest.

The grapevine was working well today as Trev Lee was working in Jericho Wood,he texted me to say that a skein of pinkfeet should be passing over me in a minute.Sure enough……. about 95 of ’em.

On the scrape were 2 drake pochards,these are only rarely seen here,the water’s only about a foot deep.

This apple was somewhat ambitiously placed by photographer Steve Nesbitt,for waxwings to feed on.
Mini twitch at Marston !


Meadow pip in ringer Keith’s hand.


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