Sat 10th Nov 2012

Autumn birding.

Saw the goosanders at Culverthorpe Lakes,3 drakes,6 females.Great birds but very wary,swimming away to the far bank all the time.

Got to Cut End,Boston around midday.It was a lovely,peaceful,tranquil atmosphere with no wind which is a rarity here.At the approach cottages were the biggest gathering of Collared doves I’ve ever seen.I counted 66 huddled together on wires before postman Pat came along and dispersed them.I reckon there were more than that.

At the mouth the tide was coming in nicely.6 Scaup were not too far out and a couple of hours later they were joined by a 7th bird,which flew in to swim with them.How do they know where each other are? 30 Goldeneyes were on the sea along with a few Gt. crested grebes,2 red breasted mergs and a Red throated diver.Most stuff was way out and I was getting eyeball ache.2,000 odd Golden plovers took flight.

Called at a cottage at Cut End for free range eggs-£1.50 a doz.Brilliant,half the price of sainsbugs and bigger and better.Chatted to the guy for ages about birds.






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