4th nov 2012

Daveys on the road again….

Zipped up to the northeast to get an eyefull of the European Bee Eater at Seaburn,Durham.I find myself going to this area more and more,it’s easy to get to-A1/A19-and a good birding location.

I had to ask myself,what the hell was a bee eater doing in the middle of a housing estate on the outskirts of Sunderland in November? It was only just above freezing all day. (Sunday).Well,it was catching bees !

Birds seem to make the most of their available resources and this one had settled where there was a few wasps about.Saw it take a huge bumblebee-amazing, I havn’t seen one for weeks.

A bonus couple of waxwings flew over the stakeout,late morning.Later I checked out nearby Roker beach where an overwintering Bonaparte’s gull can sometimes be found,but I had no luck here.The only entertainment of note was some kind of baptismal ceremony that involved fully robed adults being dunked in the north sea,I mean they were totally submerged,accompanied by much wailing by the administrator and screams of shock from the receivers.

Bee eater appreciation society.

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