A couple of days in foggy Norfolk coincided with a classic fall of migrants and masses of incoming birds.At Holme any bit of bush,tree,scrub or dune held goldcrests or robins,some almost being trod on.Literally thousands of winter thrushes flew up all over the place,identification sometimes tricky in the gloom.Plenty of bramblings and jays too.

Enjoying being amongst the birds so much I didn’t even bother going for red flanked bluetail and arctic warbler that had been found,both birds I’ve seen before in Norfolk,but a couple of olive backed pipits that I needed to see did my head in.Still need it.

Found around 10 each of black redstart and ring ouzel,a snow bunting and best of all flushed up a wryneck at the west end of Holkam pines.

Snow bunt,Titchwell.

Black redstart at Holme.



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