Frieston to Butterwick.


A nice few hours this morning in lovely autumn sunshine.A couple of late swallows made their way south as I approached the reserve.I pulled in to check there wasn’t a red-rumper (there wasn’t), and picked up a skein of 130 pinkfeet heading towards Norfolk.A small flock of chunky little birds dropped into some cabbages,I reckon they were corn buntings,but they didn’t come back up.

Upon pulling up in the car park a merlin was seen to chase small passerines along the sea bank.Also very noticeable were a couple of whooper swans,with mutes,on the lagoon.

Five jays flew across the reserve.The present continental invasion of these birds means they can now be seen absolutely anywhere.Come to think of it I have never seen one at Frieston before.I saw another on the journey home,near Donington.

On recent visits I have been checking the area around the old coastguards cottages.I really fancy it for good bird,maybe a scarce warbler or something.The raised tree and hedge covered bank runs north.Lots of sycamores.It must have been the old sea wall,years back.

All I could find today was a handful of goldcrests,but overhead there was a great movement of birds around mid morning.Literally hundreds of goldfinches had a few redpolls tagging on.Loads of woodpigeons too.Skylarks,chaffinches and meadow pipits were also involved.More birds too distant to i.d. Another three swallows followed.

Before I knew it I was near Butterwick.A few grey partridges were on a field.A sparrowhawk and kestrel hunted.Quite a few butterflies fluttered by.

Later,back at the lagoon there were 500+ wigeon and lots of brent geese.The waders that had been here for the high tide roost had gone-I didn’t get there ealy enough for that,but a ruff remained.


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