14/10/12 Home & Away

As the sun broke into my garden this morning at around 9am I saw from my kitchen window a not too familar a sight on one of my feeders, a Coal Tit.

So armed with my always at hand camera with virtually permenantly attached 400mm lens on it I went out to position myself to see if I could get a shot or two. After about 30 minutes I got my shots and discovered not 1 but 3 Coal Tits foraging for food, nice! Below a couple of shots I managed to get of these lively but lovely birds. 🙂

Now as it was another GP day I got myself off to local patch I sometimes get to not too far from home, Woodland Waters near Ancaster.

Last time I was there, a while back now I just missed out on a Marsh Tit that was posing nicely next to a path so maybe this time? I had a good wander around the several fishing lakes and saw along the way several Wren, Blue & Great Tit, Chaffinch, Common Gull in with a large active group of Black Headed Gulls, Great Crested Grebe adults and young plus all the usual waterbirds, Coot, Moorhen, Mallard, I also saw a pair of Egyptian Geese nice!, Some photo’s now follow ….

I worked my way to the lake marked ‘Private’ and heard a high pitched noise I first thought was a Goldcrest, ‘great’ I thought but then a saw a flash of movement and once I had tracked it to a tree to my right I saw it was a Treecreeper, even better! I then proceeded to follow the bird as best I could and managed, don’t ask me how to get a couple of good shots of the bird, 1 of them seen below …
I got a glimpse of a pair of Bullfinches and then saw a couple of Marsh Tits now they were trickier to get a shot of as they were hiding a little deeper in the vegitation but I persivered and got a handful of good shots of the bird I missed on my last visit, one of the birds was a male who was singing his head off at every opportunity, see below …

The walk back to the car continued with 2 more Treecreepers being seen along with a healthy looking Kestrel and also a trio of Goldcrests, 2 images of these species can be seen below …

I also saw a few Magpies in with a group of mixed Corvids and Sparrowhawk on the way back to the car so not too shabby a walk in the sun 🙂

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