Marston STW – 1st visit for a few weeks.

I had the chance to go to MSTW this afternoon with Karen watching the Belgian Grand Prix and a little decent weather so off I went ……

I parked at the works end of the site and had a pretty uneventful walk up towards the scrape and hide apart from 10 or so Corvids, a few Swallows, House Martins, Goldfinches & Greenfinches and a Wren I saw nothing all the way up Viking Way, apart from that is the infernal flies that were everywhere!

I got to the hide to settle down and talk with the lone gentleman in the hide about the birds, or recent lack of them, photography and his interest in trying to capture Dragonflies with his digital setup.

The scrape initally had decent numbers of Greylags, Wigeon, Mallard and Teal with the odd Moorhen and I think a young Little Grebe showing too.

After around 45 minutes I was left alone in the hide for a while, then Kev Everton came into the hide, always good to see an old mate from our school days eh? Things warmed up a bit from then on, a Heron appeared to the left of the hide – see below –  a Kestrel hunted for a little again to the left of the hide.

After a few minutes a pair of Cormorants dropped in and a large group of 50 or so Lapwings circled for a few minutes, this group also had a couple of Starlings tagging along for the ride too!

Cormorant 1 – dark belly

Cormorant 2 – light belly

Both Cormorants, nicely showing both front and back of this great looking bird, I like this shot 🙂

There was also 3 very active Green Sandpipers, most of the time they were on the opposite banks to the hide but they did occasionally drop into the patch in front of the hide but sadly from a photography perspective the vegitation was in the way!!, Did get one image though, this is seen below….

Kev and I after a while walked back towards my car at the works end and saw a few Swallows and House Martins again and nothing more, we were both talking about what we will see when the birds begin to re-appear in a few weeks time, can’t wait can you?


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