I’d heard through the birding grapevine that nightingale had recently been heard singing in Twyford wood nr. Colsterworth,I’ve never recorded it near Grantham,so I called up Steve Nesbitt (spelt it right this time, Steve), to see if he fancied a look.We arrived about 7pm to hear a few common warblers,song thrushes and robins,but no sound of the supersongster.Never mind, it was good to be out,we explored the wood,I never realised it was so vast,we got caught in a heavy shower,then lost our way a bit.O K  then,we got lost! There is great potential here,I would think it great for birding and will get back soon.

We did enjoy brief views of cuckoo and gt spotted woodpecker before eventually,more by accident,finding a track that lead back to the car park.Steve hardly got his camera fired up,we saw very little,but it was better than watching corro’.

Must take gps or compass next time.

ps, Steve,if you read this,brilliant wren shots in your previous posting.Love it!

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