grasshopper warbler

Popped into Marston stw thisavo where a grasshopper warbler was reeling away,it was at the sewage works end of the eastern grass field.Alan Ball informed me that he’d heard one on Monday morning in the same area,but I couldn’t pick it up in the breezy conditions.It was much calmer today and was singing well and good to compare with the other locustella species that I was lucky to hear yesterday-the savi’s at Rutland.This bird was a real pain,I stared into that reedbed for about five hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday for no joy ,another few hours on Tues. evening rewarded me and a couple of others with  two or three minutes of song,lovely,but I still didn’t positively see the little blighter,many glimpses of warblers deep in the reeds,mostly reed and sedge warblers.

Back to Marston ,over the works area the swifts seem to have dispersed,only a few.Good numbers over Grantham this morning for the first time.Lots of sedge warblers and whitethroats along with a couple of cuckoos.Would love to find a savi’s here!

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