Marston this PM

Had a little time down MSTW this afternoon late on, bumped into David Morison which is always nice 🙂

Pretty quiet really, with small numbers of the usual suspects. Was at MSTW hoping to catch a glimpse of the SEO recently seen by Dave R over last few days.

David and I split up and he saw the SEO in closest bed to works at the bridle path end and I was at other end of site and saw nowt! We met up again and had a chat again then made our ways home for tea!

I decided to call to the works end and parked at the road opposite end of Viking Way, I made my way up to the bridle path junction and sadly no SEO to be seen, was pretty windy thought so maybe this why?

On walking back to the car, the sun broke through the clouds and a fast and low flying grey bird came from the trees in the middle of this section of the site, it was my first ever sighting of a Cuckoo!! 🙂

I managed to get a record shot before it dropped into the vegitation not ot be seen for around 20 minutes where upon it next flew in the opposite direction and headed over the bridle path splitting the site, it moved very fast and utilised the tail wind to do so.

I am really pleased to have finally seen a Cuckoo and hope to see and hopefully capture some decent images next time, a poor record shot is shown below.

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