Rain rain rain


Hardly fit for any birding this weekend,after torrents of rain.I’d packed sandwiches last night but they never saw the light of day,oh well,they’ll be fine for work tomorrow (peanut butter and tabasco sauce-I mean you gotta try it-awesome!).

By lunchtime we decided to pop round to the Three Gables for Sunday lunch.A roast dinner for a fiver was lovely.Afterwards we drove down to the white bridge in town to look at the river,it was on the rise,and it continued to lash it down.If anybody mentions hosepipe bans…

I was just contemplating plans to build an ark,when it stopped.Destination Marston.Didn’t expect alot but had to get out,Lily needed walking anyway.The road from Barkston was flooded under the rail bridge,more than a foot deep,but I went for it.Another motorist wasn’t so lucky,he conked out,right in the middle.I checked that he was OK,he told me his family had been rescued and recovery was on the way.There was water and streams where I’d never seen them before.

As soon as I got on sight I saw the Short eared owl,presumably the same bird that was here on Tuesday.It showed well,hunting the grass plots.More than worth the effort.The cuckoo also showed well.Over the works there were lots of swallows and house martins,well over 300 in total plus a few swifts.

A cheeky stoat was a nice sight.Walked down to the scrape where the levels had risen perilously close to a coots nest.

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